Software Engineer for User Interfaces and Apps.
Building a faster web at { undefined }.

About Me

I am Juri, a 22 years old Software Engineer from Germany! Currently, I am building a faster web at { undefined }.

Before, I worked at inexio — which later merged into Deutsche Glasfaser . As of today, I gathered more than 4 years of experience working on a variety of different projects.

My UI stack consists of React, Next.js, Angular and Electron — focused on strictly typed TypeScript. As for visuals, I love working with Tailwind and Spring.

I also have lots of experience writing and deploying large-scale Backend applications with NestJS on top of Express, GraphQL and Apollo, and last but not least, Supabase!

As for Databases and storage, I work with both SQL and NoSQL Databases daily. Some of them being MongoDB, Firebase, Fauna and of course, MySQL.

What I've been working on

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Music ID

Have you ever wondered what that song was, playing in the background of a Twitch stream?

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Music ID Core

The core of Music ID for Twitch – an API featuring massive datasets and metadata for songs being played on Twitch

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A web version of the popular weight loss and nutrition tracking app 'YAZIO'

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Angular Build Info

Display statistics, such as the build timestamp, the latest commit, or even a custom build message in your app!

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League Toolkit

A small utility bearing a variety of different features for the League of Legends client – now part of blitz.gg

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SNMP Simulator

A 2-in-1 web and desktop application for managing multiple simulated SNMP hosts.

I 🧡 Open Source!

Almost all of my projects are open sourced!

I started programming by checking out code from other people and looking up how things were done on GitHub. I believe that it is my responsibility to give back a part of that to the community — to new developers who are starting out the way I did.



“Writing a Twitch Bot Which Automatically Detects Music Running in Live Streams”

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Complete Next.js

Build Serverless Web Apps with Next.js, master Hooks, deploy to Vercel

Earned October 2022
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IT Essentials

Earned October 2022
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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Earned October 2022
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NestJS – Zero to Hero

NestJS Zero to Hero, Modern TypeScript Backend Development

Earned October 2022
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Networking Essentials

Earned October 2022
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SSR with React and Next.js

Modern Server-Side Rendering with React and Next.js

Earned October 2022

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