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What's that song?

Music ID for Twitch is my largest personal project so far. It detects music running in live streams on Twitch and allows users to see what music is being played in chat.

I do both.
Frontend and Backend.

My current go-to framework for building fast and scalable experiences on the web.

One of the best CSS frameworks and ecosystems currently available.

Making static come alive. Do you see that cool menu up there?

Powering large, scalable backends written in Node. Battle-tested through Music ID Core.

My personal choice when performance and scalability are critical. Powering Music ID.

Quick responses and a fast and easily pluggable data structure thanks to explicitly receiving what you request.

My Journey


started Jul 2022


Together with an amazing team, we're bringing data to the edge.

Jul 2022

started Jul 2018

Deutsche Glasfaser

Started as an intern in 2018, I was able to gather lots of experience working on a variety of different UI/UX projects over the course of four years – I even led some on my own.


Mar 2023

Listening to Music at the Speed of Light

A journey from an naive idea to a full product. It all started with reverse engineering an API and evolved into a service which is used by more than 50,000 people every day.

Mar 2023

Everything about Content on the Edge – Mistakes You Will Make

A deep dive into the future of web applications and why every millisecond matters. You need your content and data everywhere – but how can you ensure it's up-to-date?

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